Q: How many drinks can you make in a 2-hour bottomless cup service?

Each of our machines has a capacity of approximately 1 drink per minute, so we can serve approximately 120 drinks in 2 hours (60 drinks/hour per machine). We have up to 4 machines available! For high-attendance events, we also increase our hourly capacity by adding on combos of coffee/hot chocolate/ apple cider to the service!

Q: Do you price according to number of cups/guests served?

Not really. Our pricing model is based on the number of machines over how many hours. The number of machines we suggest is based on the number of people you want to be served during service time.

Q: Will you do a split service?

We understand that there may be periods of time when we will not be serving guests, however our equipment and baristas will have to remain on site during these “lulls” and therefore is considered part of the overall service time.

Q: What size events can you do?

We have the capacity and ability to do very small (<20) to very large events (500+).

Q: Do you have a minimum service?

The smallest package we currently offer is our popular 2-hour bottomless cup with one machine and two baristas.