Corporate Events

Weather you’re promoting your company at a trade show or impressing your colleagues with a spectacular Christmas party, coffee is an integral part of business affairs! Our espresso drinks will dazzle your customers and send your staff a unique message of appreciation.

Past Clients: The Salvation Army, ATB Financial, Norquest College, CWB, Robinson Lighting, Vanguard College


We strive to make your special day memorable by serving guests elegant espresso beverages and fueling the party with some much-needed caffeine! We can even work with you to make some signature drinks to perfectly represent your unique taste.

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Any event could use a little coffee! Our enigmatic baristas can serve any crowd, weather it be a sophisticated banquet or a rowdy birthday celebration! If you are into coffee, we would be proud to serve your event! No event is too quaint or too large!

About Us

YEG Cappuccino Service is Edmonton’s mobile espresso caterer. We are passionate about incredible coffee and believe that it should be a part of every great event. We strive to make your event memorable by providing a unique experience and exceptional product to you and your guests

Our super-automatic commercial espresso machine will meet all your coffee needs, and our various flavour pumps offer endless possibilities for your personally catered drink menu. Our baristas take care of everything from set up to tear-down, lifting a weight off your shoulders and giving you time to enjoy our delectable drinks.

YEG Cappuccino Service is a local YEG business offering full service cappuccino catering. Our goal is to ensure that all of your coffee needs are met and all of your guests are caffeinated!

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